Monday, November 30, 2009

Petronas Twin Towers

At last I came to see the "twins"_ Petronas Twin Towers. Not anymore the tallest buildings in the world (Taipei 101 is ), but still the tallest twin buildings in the world.

The two towers are connected by a skybridge. This skybridge is said to be the highest 2 storey bridge in the world. This can be found on the 41st and 42nd floors.

The Skybridge is open to all for free, but time was limiting to us. Everyday, thousands of visitors line-up to avail the free passes. So I wasn't able to go up there. Maybe next time;)

So as not to limit myself to the facade beauty of the towers, we went inside.

The interior is not as overwhelming as the view outside but has its own character

Now, looking at these photos..I'm a bit lost. I remember a mall beneath the towers, but got no trace of a mall in these photos. Wait, I'll check other photos.

There.. can you spot those shops at the back of that giant lift ? Most of them are branded shops. Suria KLCC, the mall, is one of the biggest in Malaysia.

Going back outside the towers, is the KLCC Park. It has incorporated light show, children's playground, a walking and jogging paths and wading pools.
This is also where you would insist on achieving a full bodied shot of the twins but 100% , amateur  photography would fail.

Later at night, a tour guide had brought us where we could savor the Petronas Towers in full glory_ coming next.



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