Friday, November 13, 2009

MINT, A Museum of Toys

MINT - Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys. The world's first purpose-built museum for toys. Showcasing extensive collection of vintage toys from over 25 countries_ USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Bulgaria and more.

The house guide even informed us that the MINT is actually still looking for an authentic toy from the Philippines. They haven't found one yet to represent our country.

Before this, it had never crossed to me to relate the word MINT to toys. I thought it was a food chain or something related with flavors.

The evolution of Felix the Cat

one of the costplayers sisters (Gosiengfiao) 

The building, a four storey, itself is a state of the art architecture. It won international recognition for its structure.
A glass floor is eye catching, just make sure you're not wearing a skirt or if you do, wear something under..or else people below the next floor will surely have a blast! hehe!

The Beatles _ obviously the owner is a big fan.

.. and speaking of the owner, we were lucky to catch him and had a small chat. He shared that the MINT was already featured to one of our local shows. He asked if we knew Joey de Leon. There, it occured to me that I had my first glimpse of the place at Joey & Mel show, a local television show in Manila. Only then, I didn't know the name of the museum. I was already amazed then with the collections thu'.

Robots for the boys.. OMG! The collections are overwhelming.

bloggers from other Asia Pacific countries

There are 50,000 vintage toys and thematically exhibited over 4 levels of the award winning building of MINT. Well, that is to say it's hard to show them all here children! Best thing to do ofcourse is to visit it yourself.

Location : 26 Seah Street, Singapore
Admission : adult- $15, child/senior citizen - $7.50

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