Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pinoy Tricycle

Next to Philippine jeepney, tricycle is the most popular road transportation in the Philippines.

Tricycle is a motorcycle with a passenger sidecar attached to it. Legally, it could carry at a max of 4 passengers, yet Filipino's innovation didn't stop at the invention of this vehicle. It continues to find ways how to maximize the numbers of passengers. It loads as many as the spaces of a tricycle allows, sometimes the roof is also loaded with two to three passengers in more rural areas.

Different provinces have their own designs/versions of tricycle. In Aklan, I saw versions with added passenger seats at the back of the sidecar body.


It's the most common if not the only means of road transportation in most rural areas in the country. Otherwise this vehicle can also be seen outside the main roads of the cities and in the roads of suburban villages.

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