Friday, October 21, 2011

Fairy Ferry

I was so happy about the " leg room" of this vessel. See how it accommodated well my long leggednesss , huh??:))). It was way far better than the " no-leg-room-at-all " seats of   Jetstar Airways ( well, look who's complaining _ cheapskate me who availed the promo rate on line, and refused to spend a penny for a priority seat on that budget airline which possibly had a leg room! haha ).

 But this was not even an aircraft!

It's a ferry! So comfy and so nice. Can you spot it right behind me? Sorry, this is the only photo I have showing her body. It doesn't even justify her colors and beauty. I was supposed to board already and bro just snapped this photo.

It was a ferry of Bintan Resort Ferries. The ferry we boarded going to Bintan Island, Indonesia from Singapore which is only 45 minutes away from/to each other. Economy fare for adults two way is more or less than S$70 and for emerald class, it's around S$100 or a little more.

Look how spacious it is inside.

in the tail part of the boat.

in the head part. Pardon my boat vocabulary, it's zero,haha.

Another thing that I like in this ferry is the huge wide window. The opposite of it (the tiny windows of an aircraft) I dreaded the most about boarding  the claustrophobic aircraft. (hey, may I return to my beloved country on board this pretty ferry instead ?, haha).

The snack bar is neither bad at all.

Later I'll share with you the other ferry I boarded going to another island. Until then, you would surely understand why I was so much happier with this one.
Gotta alight now.

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