Saturday, June 11, 2011


In my younger years, Cartimar Shopping Center in Pasay City was where you bought imported/branded rubber shoes. Today, we go there to shop for my kids' pets. It is a hobbyist haven. Pet lovers and bikers alike seeking for items on slashed  prizes love to shop there.

My younger girl, whose pet lover heart is inherent, prefers to hang around the humid and smelly Cartimar than in shopping malls.


 She loves the variations of food and accessories available here for her pets. She's raising birds and dogs with her dad.

As the budget officer of the family, I like it that the shops here operate like in a flea market where you could bargain for the price.

 Older daughter, with nurturing pet heart still so much asleep, hates pets but goes gaga over toddlers, has to find ways to amuse herself during visits here.

She finds interest in dog outfits. . .

. . as much as I do. As expected, we both dig clothes more than anything else,haha.

We all enjoy checking cute puppies of various breeds for sale in different shops.


Oh please indulge the breed of each. I dare not try myself. I have only two in my vocabulary - askal & aspen. haha. 

And yes, it's not all dogs. Like these beautiful cats. .

 baby bunnies..

fighting cocks?

crickets. . ?

yes_ crickets!

and these? don't know what they are. .

When time is tight and this father and daughter tandem has no time to make a trip to Cartimar, yet has to grab- quick a dental-stick or a can of Alpo/Pedigree for Muy-muy, a pet store in the mall is a tad expensive alternative shop for them.

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