Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hotel Dominique, A Home in Tagaytay

Hotel Dominique says it's your home away from home. Yes, why not?. We experienced the place over weekend of this summer. The facade of the hotel was a small restaurant with a smaller frontdesk for the guest checking-in. I was surprised to find out that at the back of that unassuming building are hotel houses which look like you're inside a village. Swiss like villas standing pretty yet silent.

Things we liked about the place :

Literally, it felt like you were just in your own house. Each villa had own garage where you could park your car straight from the entrance of the hotel. There was a little backyard and a terrace. We stayed in a casita and felt like we own the place. We loved the privacy.

There was a pool, but Tagaytay was too cold that day for swimming outdoor. Yet, my younger daughter didn't care about the temperature. She wanted to swim so she swam alone.

They have pretty event hall for weddings and other events.

Things we didn't like about the place :

The breakfast was a big disappointment. A boring plate of slices of white bread, cold scrambled egg, a pocket of butter and a slice of watermelon.
The other time we stayed at Taal Vista, paid the same rate ( discounted) as here but the experience was way above board. Especially the complimentary buffet breakfast.

The room was nice and spacious but we hate how the comforters smelled. Seemed like had not gone to the washer for quite sometime.

We didn't try the gameroom, it was dark and located at the basement of the front building.

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