Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SG Botanic Gardens

Let's take a walk of this 52 hectares garden located in the centre of  city-ful Singapore. The garden is called Singapore Botanic Gardens.

I was tempted to sneak  shots of the Pinoys ( I was sure they were Filipinos, I heard them talking in our vernacular) that I assumed were OFWs off their jobs cos it was a Sunday. They were on the grasses, under the trees having picnics  in groups. They were happy and seemed to enjoy their day offs. But I stopped myself in respect of their privacy.

girl biking, luveth!

There was a Koi pond but what really amazed me was the size of the fishes. They were huge!!! Not that astonishing  in the above photos but the actual sizes were like longer than my arm. Some were even bigger.

The giant white garden pagoda is a sweetheart.

I found this maze (don't know what kind of plant) really interesting.

I thought this area was sad. I always connect sadness with bareness. The branches with few leaves and flowers ( they seemed to be in a fall season) looked so lonely to me.

cute lil' blondie boy :D

We went inside the National Orchid Garden. Admission - Sg$5.

I spent time looking for orchids named after Princess Diana and Pres. Cory Aquino. Two of my favorite women in the world.

I didn't find their orchids. haha.

Flower people esp. those who love orchids would surely be ecstatic about the fantastic collections being exhibited in this private garden. Only, I'm not one of them, so I really didn't know what was exotic or what. I just took a photo of these purple orchids cos I like the color. Period.

So I attempted another shot of this exotic looking orchid. Regardless of my ignorance, I was pretty sure this one was of  highly categorized breed. They look so pretty to me.

After hours of walking under the heat of open sunny sky, we entered a sweet area.

This was glass encased and fully airconditioned.

I asked, why they didn't make the whole place like this area. Immediately, I found answer in my head. Ofcourse, plants like people varied from each other. Others need to reside in a colder area, others flourish in a hot temperature environment.

There were lots of ferns . Reminds me of those I've seen hanging in Cotabato. See here.

Lemme end this post with this heavenly white orchids. They are gorgeous, aren't they?

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