Thursday, April 14, 2011

Splash Island Resort (part1)

A big splash of applause to Splash Island Resort!!! Really the resort exceeded our low expectation. .surprisingly way far far above!

The resort has been on and off there for decades I'm not sure how many. But I would assume almost everyone has been there in one time or another. Except for me before this day. Yap, growing-old up, I was really a nature lover. So mostly, you would find me on weekends and summers in an island beach resort and rarely in a water theme park like Splash Island. So my knowledge of this resort would come from a third party. Ofcourse, I've been passing thru  SLEX and would glance at  it over the resort fence when we go out of the city, usually en route to South provinces.
Sometimes, it was close, other times it was open for business. It seemed so unstable. Neither internet reviews read anymore positive.
So really I had no interest of going there. Not until. . someone had sent me a free pass for five pax with lunch included, that I became interested. Well, who say no to freebies??? Definitely not this cheapskate mom!!! haha.

So before dragging my loved ones, first I snooped around the net and found its website. The site announced that the resort was under new management and very promising of a fun filled day . I also got to read a very negative blog post about the place. I suggested to my family not to expect anything nicer and that we would just check and go.
So there off we went. It was so near from our home, less than 30 minutes drive. When we got there I was surprise how  plenty of guests were there in queue for the entrance tickets.

Presently, it's summer peak, admission is sold for P500/pax. No food/beverage allowed and guests are encouraged to buy inside.

But take note of a paper in my hand and so almost everyone there was holding a voucher. While mine was a gift, they procured theirs from the hundred of voucher online shops which usually sell off 50%. Hurray!! No one dared to take a risk of paying full admission, haha.

We made it inside the resort and look- - > white sand! Who would say this was not taken in a beach?

and these waves? Can pass as ocean waves, right? see more of this waved pool here.

No my friends, this was not in a beach. When I posted some photos from this album in my private account, lots of my friends pm-ed me asking which resort did we stay in Bora. haha.

If  you haven't been at Splash Island Resort lately, under its new management or on the  look for a light in the pocket and want to travel light this weekend , you are encourage to go back later on my next post_ more about this splash day we had in this very accessible aqua park.
See ya!!

*here now.

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