Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Little of India

Taj Mahal, India, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the only one reason why I want to visit India soon. Yes soon cos I haven't been there. This photo? It was taken in an international travel exhibit here in our country and India was one of the countries that participated.  Their booth had this photo op site of  Taj  Majal. So nice and looks very deceiving huh. Hopefully, the next time I post a photo here of  Taj Mahal, it will be the real thing.

For the mean time, let me walk you to the little streets of Little India of Singapore. I actually missed this during my first visit of SG, so in my recent SG trip I made sure I had this in my itinerary.

I was actually looking for this temple in Little India, SG :


It's the Sri Mariamman Temple, a Hindu temple. Can you blame me if I thought of it as one of the landmarks of Little India? Look at the temple, full of Hindu Gods! Ought to be at Little India, right? Ofcouse by now, I already knew it's actually located in the Chinatown of SG, - >  see my post here.

When we reached this district full of  Indians/ Malays walking in the streets, I was sure this was the Little India. Similar to the SG's Chinatown, commercial buildings here were two storey and had colorful windows.

There were lots of eateries with tables outside. People were having hot drinks under the scorching sun. They were having the famous teh tarik.

Teh tarik is a pulled tea. It's made of condensed milk and black tea and a hot beverage. We all made a pass on it. The humid weather pushed us away from this hot tea.

But I did try their sweet pastries, see here.

Plenty of leis hanging for sale. I didn't gather their purpose. Maybe they use them the way we offer/put our local Sampaguita leis to the statues of our saints, as a welcome offering to the guests or simply  use them as car air freshener. Maybe not. . .

Lots of souvenir items and trinkets for sale.

Dresses and sarongs. . affordable but where would I wear them? So I didn't buy any.

Well, it was a very short walk but at least I had lil' glimpse of India.

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