Friday, April 15, 2011

Splash Island Resort (part2)

Okey, already I was feeling the beachy-ness of  Splash Island Resort _with the sand, green trees, waved pool and the small cabana . I was sold! Well, if you invested the tiniest amount of money and time in a getaway, I realized I was easiest to  please, haha.

The particular location of cabana of our choice was a good vantage point to steal a rustic mood of a real island resort. Well,  guess like lovers in my background felt other vibes too. . 

Husband couldn't be happier when he gathered  his favorite beach past time was available here - a whole body massage!!!!!  So now he was feeling it too..

While the dad was snoring thru his lil' spa time, we girls floated around the river like ride at Balsa River. This was very relaxing. You just let go and float . .no hurry.

Our girls went on to scout the resort for more fun. .and hella discovered huge building size water slides! Those kind with escalator/elevator rides to reach the top of the slides.

This Big Bam Boo slide ride looked so nonthreatening  at first.

So husband and younger daughter calmly took their first slide of the day. . .

and whoooahhh!!!!

They were caught-up by surprise. .it was a dark tunnel ride and had unexpected corner turns !! I asked them to do a second ride but refused! haha.

The Agos Grandes which I assumed was the "ocean" of the resort, was more of a kiddie pool off the machine generated waves which turned on in the later part of the day.

It had various inflatables to ride and play with. see more here.

But when the pool started to generate waves, the inflatables were removed from the scene replaced by the sea of people having fun with the waves.

Other attractions were either too kiddie for my girls. . or too adult per their dad.

They thought the zip line here wasn't that challenging . .

There were kayaks and this human zorb ball awaiting rents. They were just there. .seemed nobody was interested to rent them.

Others like the Rio Montanosa was too mountaneous for us all.

On the side light . . .

There was a souvenir shop which also offered swim wear and gear, just incase you forgot to bring, haha.

There were few booths around. You could actually make some small shopping. My girls bought some trinkets from this booth.

Remember bringing-in food and beverages aren't allowed. Worry not _ there are so many food stores around and really very affordable. As long as  you aren't  looking for master chef-creation  dishes, these cheap  snacky foods would do your day okey .

Not bad. . eh :)))

*part one here.

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