Sunday, May 15, 2011

Toilet Car. . anyone???

In the mysterious world of mining, have you ever wondered_ in the confinement of super claustrophobic tunnel, how do miners answer the call of nature? I mean_ is there a toilet in the tunnel? Do these men have to get out of the long tunnel to poo? What if_ it's time to go???. .as in NOW!!!???

Oppps. . I know I promised to continue my post on Balatoc Mines. .I will.. a bit later. I'm still sorting out  photos. We kindah took gazillion of them and under sizing the number needs time.

While on it. .  this item grabbed my attention. .

Yap_ a toilet car! This answers my questions above. .

Our guide said that a single miner has a single specific task for the day. That is to drive this toilet car all over the tunnel to serve whoever needs it.
How's that?!!

Balatoc Mines Tour. . coming up next. . promise. .
see ya. .

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