Thursday, September 2, 2010

T' boli and Mandaya Tribes

Apart from the pulchritudinous colors of flowers in Davao, the resplendent pigments of ethnic fabrics wore and weaved  by the members of different indigenous tribes had fascinated me during the Kadayawan 2010.

We watched a little of the stage show going on at the park and I didn't understand what was going on. But the colorful garments wore by the indigenous tribe participants were interesting.

Even their accessories  from head down to toes are quite eye candy.

We saw these rich colored fabrics on display for sale right beside the souvenir boutique of  Malipano Island.

There was a weaving center where you could watch tribeswomen weaving The old women are from the Mandaya Tribe.

The tribeswomen wore predominantly the color of red and dashes of other primary colors. Those fabrics were also made into bags and wallets. There were also accessories made by them which designs and hues mirrored the woven clothes.

We found another weaving center at the Pearl Farm Hotel/Resort in Davao where we booked our visit to Pearl Farm, Samal Island.

I noticed another distinctive design of the fabrics here. This was because the weaver came from a different tribe, the T'boli.

Some of the designs have evolved into sophisticated  end products designs. I suspected there were professional designers involved here cos they looked so modern and out of the ethnic tribal box.

I saw other ethnic groups having exhibits and cultural shows. The tribe in the photo above I found at Apo Hotel. Indeed, Davao is a melting pot of ethnic tribes where different cultures and colors contribute more interesting characters of the beautiful province.

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