Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Prov. Capitol Of Sultan Kudarat

If there's Ampatuan Town, is it politically correct to say that Sultan Kudarat is the town of  Mangudadatus? Ahh politics_ how blurry this subject is to me and how glad I am not to be part of any. I love my simple life.

What is this? White house?

It's the Provincial Capitol of Sultan Kudarat. It really amazed me how big the local government buildings there in Mindanao. The vast land area they occupied. Just show how rich the province is and that land and population has never crossed yet here as issues.

Forgive me, but yours truly hailed from a small town in Quezon Province (Luzon), grew up with a municipal hall seated in a land area not bigger than the waiting shade infont of this capitol. Thriving in the city of Manila, I still haven't seen government structures as big as the ones there. Manila City hall? . . nahh, this one looked bigger to me, maybe because of the spaces surrounding the buildings.

Take notice of the structure right beside the main. It's a coliseum. I figured, every government buildings here were always twin-ed with a huge gymnasium. The gift of space.

Meet Sultan Kudarat. Oh please don't ask me to go back to my school history. Google it_ a lot you would find in the net about this historical figure.
Notice that the color of gold monopolizes the capitol_ not pink! No single trace of  Datu Ampatuan?

The lobby was as golden as the facade. Gold continued to spark up to the interior.

Nice meeting you here Sultan Kudarat.

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