Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Isla Malipano, Samal Islands

Another island we visited in Samal which is also owned by Pearl Farm_ Malipano Island floats just right across the Pearl Farm. Only short minutes speedboat ride to reach to/from each island.

See the proximity?  Looks like it's just a walking distance, right? Like it seems possible to extend the rubberized walk bridge from one island to another and then guests would just walk, haha. Ofcourse there's high tide to consider.

Approaching Malipano Island by foot, after the boat ride.

Enjoying full view of Pearl Farm from this island. My cuzin' from Davao who is forever celebrity/star struck (she has gigantic collections of photo-ops with celebrities- from mega stars down to extras she came across with, yes! haha ) spotted right away this guy (in black) she said was Drew Arellano. Who? She said he's her personal favorite cos she watches his travel show on t.v. Idk, haha.

This is the cousin I was talking above, haha, luvya Ate S. Anyway back to Malipano Island which is so beautiful, is actually far expensive than Pearl Farm in terms of accommodation.

There are only seven villas here which as told are also being used by the owners if they came to visit the island.

Tranquility leaves here. Can I live here? ..forever.

A chapel kiosk by the beach.

Water sports facilities.

The island souvenir shop. More of this here.

The rest of the island is consistently well maintained  with manicured green lawns and white sand.

Then it was time to come back to Pearl Farm Island.

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