Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eden Nature Park & Resort, Davao

On 3000 feet above sea level, I was feeling the temporary deafness starting to envelope my senses., as we were approaching the highest point of  Eden Nature Park & Resort.

Nevertheless, the ear pressure was worth the pain upon reaching the top with  the fantastic view of Davao.

Snap Facts : Discovered sometime in 1971, the resort used to be a logged-over area covered only by a blanket of wild grass. Its potential was, however, readily seen by the owners as the property provided an imposing view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf. Not long after, terraces were carved out of the mountain slope, and thousands of pine tree seedlings were planted. As the pine trees grew, they provided canopies allowing other trees and plants to grow and creating a secondary forest. Today, there are over 100,000 pine trees spread throughout 80 hectares, providing a refreshing backdrop to the various attractions in Eden Nature Park.

We took the mountain trail, ofcourse not by foot but by a guided shuttle tour. The mountain tour made stops to significant gardens of Eden which were too many for me to remember each name.

What's the fuss over a wishing well???

First of all, it was not as deep as the regular well where one usually make a wish and throw coins into a dark, deep hole of water. This garden wishing well was surprisingly beautiful. Kaleidoscope of flowers afloat the shallow well which made it looked more like a flower pond than a well.

Remember the Mickey Mouse fruits ? (see here) . We saw a lot of this quirky plant on bushes in one of the gardens in Eden.

And mountains of stunning flowers ! ! ! Lots of them ! Guess I would be doing another post exclusively for these flowers, but for now let me share some of them for ( those who dig flo-wers ) your moment of pleasure

Gorgeous ! Later, for the flower lovers, I promise a post loaded with these beauties and a lot more.

Can't recall what's this place called. but looks like a garden theater, right? I remember cuz' mentioned that one of popular local tv game shows (one of Kris Aquino's) had its live telecast on this place.

There are still tons of nature scenes to share in this mountain of Eden. But for now let me end this part1 with these children parents playing the Indiana Jones, while waiting for the snacks. I also really enjoyed this one .

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