Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kidapawan, Cotabato

Had passed by to Kidapawan City, Cotabato. The city sits at the foot of Mt. Apo. Apart from being known as the fruit basket ( growing and harvesting exotic fruits  like marang, durian, mangosteen lanzones, rambutan) of the country it also prides itself as a city of highland springs.

Scenic springs sprung up on the road sides every few kilometers driven. It was so refreshing to see water rushing down the short bridges. God must love this city so much, He showered it with so much beauty of nature.

Funny how karma works so fast. I remember how I squirmed my face during our most recent Baguio trip with this side of the family having their photos with the over exposed iconic lion head statue. And here look who was doing the same.. haha.

So nice their road plants. X'mas treat all year round.

Seriously, I envy how this city was flourished with so much beauty. Myriad of exotic flowers which I haven't seen before this, were growing anywhere I turned my gaze.

Ferns of different sizes and shapes swarming branches of trees in random.

And exotic eyes of these creatures inhabiting in this gifted city had crimped my aggressive nature but their beauties were totally undeniable.

Kidapawan, truly you are a spring in a highland !


  1. I'm from Kidapawan. At least that's where I was born.

    I like your image of the water. Is that taken at the same place near the entry/exit of Kidapawan? Just opposite of that landmark arch photo that you have? I really like the river.

  2. hello Kidapawan City,
    it has been months, going to a year since then, i really don't remember the exact location anymore. there were too many river as we passed the town and all looked so similar without any signboard to name each. but one thing I'm sure about_ they are so naturally beautiful.
    i love your province. i hope i could go back again soon.
    ty for the visit :)