Monday, September 20, 2010

Rio Grande de Mindanao, Maguindanao

On the way out from Cotabato, we passed by a bridge and the body of water beneath it caught my fancy and took a photo of it while we were mobile.  It was almost like an ocean which I thought it was. Not after cousin mentioned that it was Rio Grande de Mindanao, that I realized it was a river after all. And yes _sounded familiar. Then it hit me_ it was the one I had to help my daughter Kyla memorized in her Sibika subject, as the second largest river in the Philippines and the longest one in Mindanao. If only cousin had informed me a minute earlier before losing the sight of the famous river totally, I might have had snapped more photos of it. sigh*

Snap Facts : Water sports and boat racing are ideal activities here, and are usually held to coincide with the Shariff Kabunsuan Festival and the Feast of Hariraya Puasa. Celebrated every December 19, the Shariff Kabunsuan Festival is a colorful commemoration of Kabunsuan’s arrival via Rio Grande de Mindanao more than 500 years ago to introduce Islam to the natives.- click source here

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