Friday, January 28, 2011

Chi Spa, Shangri-la, Mactan

My recent marathon visit to Cebu was really tiring. The only saving grace was the complimentary (courtesy of an online friend) spa for two I shared with my travel buddy_ cuz' Che.

After breakfast at the Tides, still inside the Shangri-la, Mactan, we roamed around the hectares resort looking for Chi, the flagship spa of this luxurious resort.

We let ourselves be guided by the markers , directing us to the location of the spa.

We passed through this beautiful passage.

Until we reached this huge, palace like structure_ the Chi.

The walkway was really zen and I was loving it!
Sorry, photos were only up to here. This photographer needed a break too. But wait before I entered my villa, here I scored two photos for you courtesy of the website of  Chi. I guess, they won't mind.

This is how the interior of  that beautiful Asian structure pictured like.

A private villa. A-a-a-awesome!!

Anyway, I had element vitality massage. We were given separate private villas. Mine was called Badkan Villa. While waiting we were offered with cold water drink matched by cold hand towels. We answered some questionnaire regarding our sign/ element. The therapist then explained the particular massage that I was about to undergo, as well as the oil to be used , correlating them to my own element.

Everything was perfect! The more I was in awe of this spa experience when I learned later how much this cost. So expensive, I thought I would never afford it in this lifetime. C'mon, you can try to google it how much;)))

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