Thursday, January 6, 2011

Camsur Water Sports Complex (CWC)

When in my hometown in Quezon, Camsur would usually come first to mind as our side trip destination. However relatively near it is, for the longest time, we seemed to have a hard time squeezing it in to our precious tri-annual visits to the province.
A rare event ( a class/batch reunion ), a day before 2011 ushered in, had pushed us thu', into finally making it to Camsur. It was the chosen place of the batch to hold the gathering.

A cabled sky greeted us in Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC).

My family and bffs' ( from the batch ) families arrived first to the place. While waiting for others, we joined the bystanders ( I bet - also were all new comers like us ) watched the activity happening on the man made pond. December weather hit the day with now-it-rains-now-it stops, so so unsuitable for outdoor activity. Thus explains the following color mode confusion of my photos.

Wakeboarding is the star in this water sports complex. It has placed Camsur as one of the hottest destination in the Philippines today.

Most of our teens wanted to try wakeboarding. But the protective parents didn't allow them. Sooo...our teens started to get bored!!!

The only little consolation they found_ was the pool.

And where  the overprotective dads were ???

Gotcha!!!! Husband said it was one of the best massages in the country. Believe him when he said so. He rarely left a place without experiencing its massage. So let me say he knows what he's saying ; )

And plezz, let us not forget why we were there_ in the first place. . .

To get reunited/reconnected with the classmates and mentors I haven't seen for decades.

It was fun!!! I hope to have a repeat of both_ the reunion and another Camsur visit. By that time, I promise you a personal account of the wakeboarding as I'm sure as hella to try the ride myself . P- r- o- m- i s- e !!!!!

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