Monday, January 31, 2011

Taoist Temple, Cebu City

Taoist Temple was one of the city tour spots I missed on my past Cebu trips. So when cuz' Che insisted on going up there, I didn't hesitate to be led. She had been there a year ago and as super fanatic of Chinese traditions as she is ( only a fan and trying hard to practice most of Chinese beliefs to better her life ), she wanted to do some ask- throw-answer (don't know how it is called) stone ritual which she had on her prev visit inside the temple.

Approaching the temple made me realized how grand it was really.

It's nestling on top of Beverly Hills ( a posh elevated subdivision in Cebu City).

To reach the main temple, we had to climb hundred of steps. I was surprised by cuzin's eagerness to reach the top. Usually, she is averse to taking flight of stairs especially if the numbers go beyond 5 steps. But there she was_ pushing her lazy legs to go up. haha. Motivated by faith.

Almost there. I always find Chinese architecture awesome.

Usually dominantly red and very detailed. I know, everything is properly positioned in harmony with their religion and beliefs.

Is this a  Chinese pagoda? See how clueless I am and my friendships with Chinese didn't even help. hehe.

This one too? How do you call this? Looks like the same as one of my daughter's dream catcher collections.

Cuzin'  went inside to do the ritual. She invited me to do the same but I declined. I don't do things I don't believe in. If I did, it's like fooling myself. Taking photos was prohibited inside the temple. I stayed at the hall right beside it.

There was a huge stage with a photo of the whole Taoist Temple as a back draft I thought it was such a huge challenge to be able to achieve that shot.

There was also a souvenir shop. I was too tired to squeeze in to that small crowded shop. I didn't bother even a peek.

Already, the view showcasing the city of Cebu was fantastic from here. There was another higher level but I didn't go up there. I'm sure, it got more awesome view. Can you spot another Chinese temple in this photo? That one was closed to public viewing..

On our way out, we passed thru this beautiful bridge . .

with a dragon so animated. .

bridge like this always makes me imagine to be at the Great Wall of China. .Will I get there?. . ever??

loving the landscaping of the garden. .

We exited from a different gate we entered. This way required fewer stairs to take. . .

So that was why these buses-ful of European senior citizen tourists took this entrance.

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