Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Portrait Sketching @ Tam-awan

Cuzin' from Davao is visiting us here again. Yesterday, a popped-up invite from cuzin'  (Davao) to go up to Baguio was entertained for one minute and discarded the next minute. We heard how cold ( even hit 9-10 c last week? )  it is now in the city and thu' excited about inhaling the cold wind and exhaling a foggy breath, time was not on our side. We decided to drove up to the nearer Tagaytay instead. But that would be on the next post. 

Baguio City to me anyway is not just all about the cold weather. It's also an artists' and art enthusiast mom's haven. Tam-awan Village is one spot  we enjoyed during our last month visit to the city of walis na tambo.

Older daughter ( who actually is loaded with school painting works herself )  couldn't resist the opportunity to sit still and be the one painted instead.

For only P100 and 10 to 15 minutes, daughter dared to sit still and experience how the one being sketched, instead of the usual the other way around ( she also sketch ).

The clock and pencil swayed swiftly together. . .

tic. . .shading eyes

toc. . . shading nose

tic. . . shading hair

tic. . . almost done. . .

spectators : is it done yet ??????

Here's the finished work :


 - - - ^^- - - hahahaha!!!!! nah!!!!

Here's for real :


gud job!

The Benguet artist- admiring or questioning his work, haha.


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  1. Uy we're gonna go there this week! sana malamig pa!