Friday, January 7, 2011

Wakeboarding @ Camsur

Camsur now a days is synonymous with wake boarding.
It's garnering a fast growing popularity in global sports , is putting CWC in the globe as a competitive contender for one of the best playgrounds for the said sport. Evident by the mixture of foreign tourists flocked on that dark cloudy day , I know CWC is making it waves over continents.

I don't know a bit about this sport but was able to watch some when I attended a class reunion held at Camsur Water Sports Complex ( CWC )  in Camarines Sur, Bicol.

To some, who are like me before that day, who don't have any inclination what wakeboarding is_ let me try to illustrate it to you through the following photos :



Wakeboarding seemed to be originated from combination of snow boarding ,water skiing and surfing. I'm not sure, it was just the way I saw it.

 Instead of boat/ jet ski pulling the rider, a motor cable does that.

It was awesome to watch the riders did their stunts. . .

. . . but many first timers failed, slapped their bodies against the water surface and had to repeatedly suffer the long queue of wakeboarders to get their chances to beat the challenges of the game.

Wakeboarding gears.

I guess, one of the charms of CWC is that wakeboarding here is affordable. With minimal fees for the use of the facilities and rental of the gears, my cheapskate adventurous self was tempted to almost try it.The only single activity I had done in the past that I could relate to it was a little wind surfing I tried decade ago. I always trust my balance prowess thu', but doubted the strength of my arms these days as I rarely lift weights. 

But husband's , as always, over-protectiveness to me and to our girls got in the way. He didn't like the idea. So I didn't. If you were following this blog, those of me doing a bit edgy activities, were definitely done without the presence of this husband. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had tried them all. Better luck next time_ when he's not with me , hihihi!

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