Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Sneak Peek _ Bora 2010

Howdy ? !! Just got home from a funfilled days at Bora. .

here ___


i flew by para-sailing and went under the sea by helmet diving. . .

i got bored by banana boat and braved the flyfish. . .

i drove around a jetski and borrowed a speed boat to try for some minutes

i let my skin be stained temporarily and enjoyed the blackness of henna against the whiteness of the sand . . .

i ate a lot by the beach, consumed a lot of bottles of shakes . . really a lot of times . . (visit my food blog : My3rd&7thSense )

but usually, i spent my time relaxing under a shaded tree on a hammock or in a pool after having dared the activities mentioned and done with appreciating the artsy sand creations and the fire dances around the white beaches.

Hey, this is only a sneak peek of what's to come . .!!! come back later for more . . just in case you missed to visit the island this summer, promise you would see more of the sand, sea and fun of Boracay. . through the eyes of this bit daring - bit boring mom. . promise :D

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