Thursday, May 20, 2010

Splash Mountain Hotel & Resort

From Lucban Quezon, (coming from Pahiyas) we exited the same way we entered _the Laguna route. I had to cancel our reservation in Lucena City cos of the notorious traffic that day. Many of my friends who took the Sto. Tomas, Batangas , entering the Lucena route to Lucban suffered from mad traffic.

We thought we would just walk- in to a hotel resort in Los Banos, Laguna for an overnight stay. The girls were pushing us hard for a swimming resort.

We got off at Splash Mountain Hotel & Resort. It was almost fully booked. The only choices we got were the two left rooms available. One was in Oasis Hotel and the other one in The Suites.

Splash Mountain has three hotels - The Splash, The Oasis and The Suites. Among the three, the Suites is the most expensive and the newest.

The Oasis

The Splash

The Suites

We stayed at The Suites and had to share one room which was the only available one. Staying here, we had to use the pool of the Splash or if we felt lazy to walk, across was a nicer swimming pool but we had to pay an entrance fee. Another pool option was the mother pool of the resort which was public ( open to non-hotel-guests) and seemed to be crowded. The kids' choice was the Splash pool.

the pool of The Splash

Our room was nice. The kids were happy about the jacuzzi pool of our room. We thought it was convenient for the adult too. So we don't have to watch them swimming overnight at the big pool outside.

For a little while we thought we could enjoy the jacuzzi inside our room and planned to swim at the outside pool the next morning. But the water was so hot !!! As in _ scorching !! Omg ! we couldn't stand it. We asked the frontdesk if there was something they could do about to lower the temperature of the water but got a disappointing - none !

We got off of the tiny pool and went straight to the bathroom. and guess what ?? The water in the shower room was also too hot!! Awwww!! Again the hotel told us that they could do nothing about it !!! Huh?%$#@^& !!! so you call this a hotel ?

We also had to pay for extra towels. We rented quite a number of towels cos we were swimming. We were told it was only P35 per towel rent, but in the end when we paid, it was P60 each and casually told that they made mistake on the price, Huh?huh?huh?

As the icing of the cake of injury, the aircon was not sufficient to cool the room and again they could do nothing about it !!!

Really unhappy, we demanded for an electric fan, we couldn't bear the heat of the room. The fan saved our night and the saba con yelo we ordered. In fairness, the cold dessert was delicious and cheap too for P35 per bowl.

To shorten the heat agony of the night, we stayed at the pool side of the other hotel of the resort- The Splash. Although the water was also hot, it was bearable or so that was the kids said.

It's good that the hotel allowed outside food and hotel guests could use the tables. We just bought some fast food dishes.

The kids didn't stay long in the big pool either. We went back to the room to ofcourse - internet! It said it was wi-fied. But we couldn't connect ! Only to find out that we had to go to The Splash again cos The Suites didn't have wi-fi yet ! huh!huh!

So we went back and well, okey it was wi-fied there.

Oh don't get me wrong, this is not all about complaining :D The spa was nice. They do room service even at the late hours. Cuzin' and my husband, the massage mates had a relaxing 60 minutes aroma therapy massage in our room. Their spa center was nice too.

entrance lobby

I like small hotels. They are structurally built like big houses, so it's homey and private. The Suites was like that, so I actually like the structure.

room lobby

If you're a fan of Ms. Earth, they have a souvenir framed autographs of the international candidates, posted on the wall. Sorry, I'm not a fan of this beauty pageant :D

At the back entrance of the hotel, there was a coffee shop. It was still closed thu' when we checked it.

There's also this huge stage , fronting a big lawn which I think very nice for al fresco events like wedding reception and debut party.

When we checked out, only then we noticed the activity hall, basketball court, convenience shop which are great if you're going to stay for more than a night.

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