Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Church of Lucban Quezon

At the center of the Pahiyas Festival was one of the homes of San Isidro Labrador _ the parish church of Lucban Quezon.

Old and beautiful , it continued to adhere me toward the altar.

Just like the rest of the town, the church was also loaded by devotees and guests of the town fiesta. After some prayerful moments inside the church, we took a side exit.

We noticed a long queue of people at this side. Curious as always, we checked what was it all about.

We found out that people were throwing coins in this pond similar to what we do in a wishing well , only with a little bit of a twist.

Myka, just having fun

Che, eyes closed in full concentration before aiming the hole of love

Here, you got to aim the bamboo hole of your wish. They were labeled as the following : love, health, wealth, and peace ( to complete a Ms. Universe question and answer portion , hahaha!). Anyway, I confess _ I'm not a great believer of this thingy. But my cousin Che was and is congenitally follower of all ceremonies that tackle the word hope and wish ! May it be a Chinese, Muslim or whatever, she likes to try it ! She would try it !

And when Che failed to shoot the love hole, she then turned to another ceremony. The boat of hope.

She then bought a candle in a floating holder.

Went back to the wishing pond, ofcourse - made a wish and launched the candle in the pond.

Well, if you believe it would happen. The power of faith is so strong, I had proven it many times in my lifetime . We do believe in many different ways , it doesn't matter how, but it counts to have the power of faith within us.

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