Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flying Fish, Boracay

Not yet fully recovered from the excitement of parasailing, we headed straight to our next selves-induced challenge of the day _ the flying fish - an amphibious air-cushion vehicle (ACV), being towed by a high speed boat.

Have you tried one? It was our first time so the thrill was still up on a larger margin, compared to the now to us the boring- banana boat.

getting ready . .

We held our grips so tight in anticipation of what to come. . but hey, don't you forget, on the next tumble & rumble photos_ we were actually on it !, unseen at the other side, shouting our lungs out with thrills. Here we go . .

ok. already we were not visible, look the fish was starting to positon itself upright . .

omg ! it was now officially vertically dancing from side to side ! ! remember, we were on it ! ! more shouts ! ! louder shouts ! !

ok.ok ! we could recover from that ! !

relax. a lil' sailing. . look the white structure at the beach was our hotel

still sailing . . .

the clouds were pretty. . .

tryin' to look pretty . . .

getting bored. . bianx shouted : hit us one big time manong ! ! !

Manong with big ears, heard Bianx plea and tumbled our fish vigorously . . until we shouted NO MORE ! ! !

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