Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goin' To Pahiyas

We're heading to Pahiyas Festival of Lucban Quezon. Been years since our last experience of this culture loaded feast which is being held every 15th (tomorrow this year) of the month of May.

We had a hard time getting accommodation. All hotels in Lucban are fully booked. Some of them, even are one year ahead fully booked for this occasion. How's that ?! ! !

We're going to stay in a hotel in Lucena City, where luckily we hit just right on time to get a room. Looks good in the website, wonder how real it can get ? We' ll see then *winkies*

Look how little my girls were on their first Pahiyas. Has it been that long or it's just that my girls
had grown so fast since then?

I miss the pansit habhab, cassava cake, longanisang lucban, the roads paraded with colors and local products and most of all the crafted colorful residential houses ! ! !

Yah, it's time to revisit/re-experience Pahiyas Festival ! ! !


myka, kyla & tito boboy

*Here take a glimpse of our last Pahiyas few years ago, click here.

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