Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sights and Thrills at Lingnon Hill

Crowned by this building, at the top of Lingnon Hill is where you could capture Mt. Mayon Volcano at its best.

This is where you would like to have your picture taken with the bounty beauty of Mayon as your backdrop.

From here you would also see the Legaspi airport. It's vice-versa. From the airport, you can see Lingnon Hill too.

... And the city of Legaspi! Imagine how more charming this view is, especially at night with all the lights on all over the city, under one big sky of stars. haaay, it was only around 8am, too early to dream.

Back to where I was standing, this building was seemingly either newly built or renovated. No one there to ask, manong was too busy to be disturbed.

It was then that I noticed the cable over my head. It's a zip line.

This is where it starts..

..goes over the park with the full view of Mt. Mayon.

Mount Mayon is an active volcano. As a matter of fact, a month ago (July 09), it made noise over the news about eruption warnings like up to no. 3. From up here, I saw canals that I supposed intended for lava flows. Well, what else is new? Beauty appends risk.

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