Monday, September 14, 2009

Tiger Safari, Zoobic Safari

Still at Zoobic Safari in Subic, the Tiger Safari would bring you a much closer encounter with the tigers.

Compare with my experience with the crocs (click here to see Croco Loco), this one kept me in a high note shouting. Talking about the thrills of a face off with these wild huge cats. Omg!

Carted by a safari pinoy jeepney, only thin wired caged window of the vehicle protected us from the fangs of these creatures.

The roof of the jeepney was partially glassed so that a climb action of the tiger could be seen by the passengers inside.

There was a small window that could be opened to feed the hungry tigers.

Chicken here was more expensive than in the Croco Loco. It was around P100-150 per piece. I guess because the cuts were larger.

And then... the hunting  begun..!!!!!







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