Monday, September 7, 2009

Embarcadero de Legazpi

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Embarcadero de Legazpi is a major waterfront development in Legazpi , a tourist destination that is set to open in full blast on October this year.

It has a very touristy location_ at the site fronts of the main harbour of Legazpi,

with her majesty_ the Mayon Volcano on sight,

at the very foot of Kapuntukan Hill or the Sleeping Lion hill.

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Embarcadero is comprised of retail, restaurants, markets, a major civic space and landmark lighthouse, with a future waterfront hotel and spa, and an Information Technology (IT) Park with an estimated 8,000-seat Call Center. Embarcadero will “activate” the waterfront creating an attractive and vibrant focus for the city’s leisure and lifestyle activities with selected business areas operational 24/7..
Embarcadero will function as a waterfront promenade, with theatrical lighting and performance spaces creating a lively, family friendly environment during the day and at night.

When we visited the site two weeks ago, constructions were still going on. It soft opened last July and has few restaurants already on business.

At the moment, in broad daylight, the neighborhood seems to be sleeping yet with the adjacent Sleeping Lion Hill. Humble by the trycycles, locals walking in foot, the neighborhood looks decieving off the billion vast project that is Embarcadero.

I'm personally excited about this place. As I'm planned to bring my kids on summer in Legazpi, Embarcadero would be an added spice to the natural sights and wonders of the province for my girls' coming visit. By then (April 2010), this destination would be already in full swing as it is scheduled for grand opening this October of this year.

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