Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Close Encounter, Zoobic Safari

*yeeey! I survived the Tiger Safari! I'm still alive!

My heart hadn't fully slowed down from the heart pounding action in Tiger Safari ( click here to see Tiger Safari ), when it occurred to me that I hadn't enough yet of the wild cats. We were moved on to the Close Encounter.

The place where the tigers were supposed to be hanging out to rest from the hunting works at Tiger Safari.

.. But the pens were not their natural habitat. They were too little-a- place for these wild beautiful beasts..

So I could feel their agitation against their small pens. I only saw one tiger sleeping, the rest of them were walking back and forth in countless times that looked quite intimidating and scary.

I did not dare to look them straight, afraid that I might trigger something off their wilderness and caused a lifetime damage in my peaceful mom's life.

Take note that here at Close Encounter, the tigers were physically real close to the guests, 1-2 feet away. I tiptoed the narrow stinky corridor as if there were nails on the floor. The place was really stinky of the urine odor of the animals. I never at once removed my hanky off my nose all through the course of this close encounter. Remember that tigers are territorial and that explains the markings of their urine odors.

Everytime I saw a lighted pair of eyes, fear pushed me to the wall, which is by the way_ only two feet away from the fangs of the owner of the eyes.

Another factor which made me stick to the wall was the fear of getting showered by the tiger's urine which the guide said the odor would linger up to a week and no amount of shower and bath would do any help. that would be real disaster then !

But most of all, the real fear factor was when the beast took out its tongue, kept it dangling on the air with saliva dripping and looked at me as if he was nothing but ready to take a feast the whole of me! whaaah!!!!

At the end of it all, tiger is a real beauty. Like a stuff toy cat I want to bring home and put at the head of my comfy bed. :D

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