Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lingnon Hill Nature Park

PAL has only two daily arrival flights to Legaspi City. We took the 6:45 am flight. Imagine how early I had to wake-up. No choice at all, we touched down to this airport with my eyes half closed. Although, I had a lil' feast with the peak of Mayon (click here to see Mayon's Peak) on air, a while ago, when I had to literally opened my eyes with my fingers, I got off the plane still sleepy.

Getting out from the exit gate, my friend had awaken my consciousness when he announced while pointing to the hill fronting our sight, that we would climb that. By foot! He stressed it so much I had to reply with seryoso ka?!!

True enough, that was exactly the Lingnon Hill that we were about to conquer by foot.

The road up to the hill was green and very fresh.

Our goal  was the view deck to achieve a good view of the Majestic Mayon. As always, every place has its rules to be obeyed..(photo)

For one, cars were only up to here and the rest which actually the entire uphill, had to be hit by foot.

We started trekking  and we passed by some sightseers who were coming down back to the parking lot.

We passed by an interesting site to consider for our next visit..not today. It wasn't in the itinerary.

As we went up higher, the view got better..

We now had an almost full view of the city..

We hiked higher, another site was coming in..

Wild little flowers in colorful blooms.

We were nearing up the peak of the hill and at this point the sight of Mayon was blooming with flowers along the road.

We reached the top where the observatory hall was nestling. We didn't able to come inside the hall because it was only around 7 am and it seemed to be closed for public yet.

As for the view, we got this_ the perfect cone volcano!

click this to see more of Lingnon Hill

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