Monday, September 14, 2009

Croco Loco, Zoobic Safari

Here in Luzon , only Zoobic Safari (Subic) gives you an experience of close encounter with the animals_ the wild/beast ones, not the pet kinds like in other zoo.

At Croco Loco of Zoobic, you get to see them up close.

This close..

There are hundreds of them beneath my foot.

As if, ready to attack..if teased.

Guests can feed these crocs for P50 a chicken. The chicken part is tied to a bamboo stick which the feeder could lower it down to reach the crocs under the bridge.

The hungry reptiles then smell the aroma of the meat and crawl to share the feast. It's one thing to see these crocs eating meat on movies, but it's something else to see them live in action_scary:(

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