Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nongsa Point Marina

This was at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort in Indonesia. In "my make believe world", I would have had entered this marina boarding on one of the yachts_now docked in a berth there. haha.

A yachting gateway into the Riau Islands, Nongsa Point is proud of its world class 65 berths which include 2 berths for mega yachts. It is equipped with first class marina facilities. Berthing rates depend on the number of days/months you dock and the depth of water by feet which I assume is relative to the type and size of the boat.

In our case, we didn't have to bother with that berthing issues. We actually reached this resort by a passenger ferry from Singapore, haha. We went here to enjoy a day in the  resort and to meet a Swiss friend who owns a residential property right in this exclusive cove.

While at it, I took the chance to be toured around the marina. It was somewhat exclusive for the yacht owners.

Apart from those pretty boats ( why is it that yachts are always in whites? ), what Nongsa Point Marina struck me most was the pristine water underneath these vessels. No offensive gas odor, the sea was so clear I saw fishes happily swimming!!!

Another captivating maritime object on dock  was  this huge beautiful galleon.

It looks so authentic, it would take you back to Spanish galleon era. The entire ship is made of wood and just imagine how expensive the maintenance being paid to it.

It is by the way in no way a trade galleon (as they used to be during epic era,:))). This particular galleon is a floating "event ship". It is for hire for the right price ofcourse, when you want to party on board. A wedding reception, birthday or whathaveyou's  you want to celebrate out on the sea on board  this epic ship.

The yachts took me back to my old days when I was so much younger and very much single (haha). I was working in one of the prestigious resorts in my country. The wealthy owners of the resort were so generous, there were times (off work ) that they would lend us ( with my officemates) one of their yachts, and on board we would go to some secluded islands (those not yet commercialized and totally virgin beautiful islands) and had the best times of my life.

Shall we see the rest of the resort now? Here.

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