Monday, November 28, 2011

Noel Bazaar 2011 ( part 1)

Last leg of the "ber" months before the Christmas month comes in and as usual_ already bazaar expos are left and right around our country. I know my friends have been in and out of bazaars since the first ber month of this year, this one was only my second (at the Fort bazaar last weekend). But I've kicked myself out of the shoppaholic league long time ago. My girls are now the ones pulling me to bazaars for their cheap trips out of their savings/allowances.

This was at the Noel Bazaar 2011 at WTC. Compare to last year, the lobby was relatively under decorated this year.

Inside, the aisles weren't crowded yet cos we were early. The crowd tripled thu' after 3 hours and walking between the aisles became a struggle. The latter would be exactly our cue for ending this expedition.

Where else  branded overruns sold best but here.

Definitely you can't wear them here at P.I.!!! But for those based overseas with seasons not limited to dry & wet such as ours, gooo fill-in your cart with these_ I bet they are all good buys.

Trendy shoes at P250???? Daughter wanted to buy, but they're kindah  doubty? Don't you think so?

The other daughter wanted these so bad! Look ok and with quality at 50%++ off the price. .but no other size available other than size 5!!! haha. She's 7-8.

I remember during the initial year of this Noel Bazaar, most booths were all managed/owned by celebrities. They themselves were present in the store to sell. This time, I only saw few booths with the name of celebrities but their goods were lame and forgettable. Except, I think, Francis M. stall with t-shirts already popular to his fans. Or was it the other t.v. station's bazaar? Cos this one I think was by ch. 7? Whateves! haha.

Printed mini dresses at P200. My daughter didn't miss a chance to grab some of these. They were so cheap here. She was eyeing  the same design ( I'm sure not of same quality) at Rustan's but her budget failed her cos it was like P1.5 k - P3.5 k  there for a single dress. I think she wore one of them to school under a blazer to school today. She's going to hate me for disclosing this to you , haha.

I'm actually "bin' there done that" to those shoes and dresses. What tick me really in a bazaar like this are those organic foods and products that aren't easy to find in commercial groceries.. I'm quite serious in  procuring healthy supplies for my family.

However, I, with all the nurturing spirit that envelopes me, am still weak with woman nature towards beautiful things like these intricately, elaborately designed necklaces!! haha. Love to have one of these, they are soo artsy and would definitely enliven even the simplest  little black dress.  As usual my wallet failed me. Given the choice of materials and the craftsmanship capitalized on each of these, well don't expect them to be cheap.

Lotsa make-up on sale for a grab. These Nyx collection grabbed my girls' attention thu'. Why? Cos they read at Sab Magalona's blog that she's using lipstick of this brand and ofcourse wanted the same piece. Fanatic! haha.

Lots and lots of goodies but I gotta run for now and cut this post here. If you're having fun with this bazaar peek, you can pay me a visit later after other posts (haha) when I re-energized myself for a part 2 of this.
Meanwhile look who scored the most  ???


Not me and the younger daughter. . can you spot any proof?

Gotcha!!! That eco bag in her shoulder was loaded with trinkets. While the other daughter was happy with her single purchase.

#updates: it has been a year. jump here for Noel bazaar 2012!!!

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