Friday, November 4, 2011

Swiss Club

I was sitting by the side. .

. . of this huge pool, so big I couldn't grab the whole of it by just one shot. So this is the center. .

this is the left side, facing it. .

and the right side. Ah, maybe not exceptionally big, but I think it's relatively huge cos it's in a private club.

The water was so inviting and I decided to take a plunge. ( no panic*, had my swimsuit beneath my shirt :)

But before I could do that, the rain poured in. Now I didn't want to get wet! haha. Nah, it was that the water turned so cold cos of the rain.

So I joined back to our table to savor these scrumptious dishes (later you go and visit my food blog for them) .

We were at the super exclusive Swiss Club in Singapore. My ticket to there was ofcourse my Swiss girlfriend. It's tucked away inside a Swiss village and needless to say for members only, and their guest : me? haha. There's that big lap pool, a gym and other fitness and health facilities. I saw right beside the pool a walk through to a mini forest garden.

When the rain stopped, we walked around and my friend's daughters invited me to take a look of their school.

So their school is in the same vicinity.

Take notice of the school logo - looks so familiar right? Looks like the Red Cross. If you're keen about the flags, Switzerland's flag is exactly that white cross on a red cross. Red Cross, the organization that's all over the world to help humanity, actually had originated from this awesome country of the Swiss.

Inside the campus, I noticed how the single - floored buildings were built to blend well with the nature.

For instance, this particular giant tree stands in the center, circled by school buildings. The girls shared to me that this tree has been there ( as small as them when they were in pre-school) ever since they started their school here.

The Swiss red dominates the entire school as well as white. .

which both compliment well the greens surrounding the school.

Apart from the awesome physical property of this school , just by merely talking to my friend's daughters (  a walking product of this school), I could sense the high standard of this Swiss School. The girls are smart and trilingual (they speak English, Swiss and German).
One of the perks of being an expat in one of the most modern cities in Asia. haaay. . wish,wish,wish*

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