Saturday, November 5, 2011


Wtfuss? At Singapore Changi Airport, a photo with a replica of an elephant commenced a couple of my mini encounters with the real ones. What the fuss about elephant???
Me defensive of my naiveness : Coming from my country where elephants are considered endangered species if not already extinct. I mean_ relatively speaking. I heard we don't even have elephants anymore in our national zoo ( which was the only place where I  representing my generation was able to see them ). I pity our little children. They have to be brought out of the country just to see these beautiful creatures.
Holy elephant!! I'm not even talking about dinosaurs!!! I know right! haha.

Anyway, the next morning I woke-up in a beach resort in Indonesia with these giants playing at my back. Alright_  sure they were not real too! haha.

So I walked around and found an elephant park in the resort. Yes, the real ones!

I would have been ok-ed already with  a photo standing beside one. .

But the man said : no, you have to hold the tusk, horn? whatever!
So that's the story behind this photo of me looking silly while not even holding but touching the white thingy of this kind heart giant.

Now, I needed to experience riding one right? But for a first timer like me ( who doesn't even frequent a simple horse riding ) I thought adult huge elephant was freakin' high for a possible fall! haha. Coward me! haha.

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