Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turi Beach

After the rainy beach restricted half day at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort (Indonesia), and the sun started to be a bit friendly, bestfriend  suggested that we jumped to Turi Beach which welcomes the guests and residents of  the first beach resort. These two famous Batam resorts belong to the same company. Both are famous on each own right.

If you were coming from Nongsa Point Resort, there's an access walk through by the beach.

Connect the previous photo to this, can you get the picture? Our goal was to reach that jetty, can you spot it? That jetty  was our landmark of Turi Beach by the sea side. Look, there was a couple walking ahead of us. The couple I assumed was also a guest of Nongsa Point M&R and like us chose to beach around Turi too.

Can you spot us (camouflaged by the trees) walking through the walk way. It was like approximately a 15 minutes walk to Turi but it was okey cos we enjoyed the scenic view of the ocean along the way.

Entering Turi Beach, we managed to get ahead of the couple we saw previously ahead of us on the walk way. Hmm, maybe slowed down by sweet nothings, haha.

I changed my sweaty top and underneath I put on a swimsuit in case the weather continued being friendly, so we could enjoy a swim even in the pool only.

People who have been here were right_ Turi Beach got prettier (than Nongsa Point M&R) swimming facilities like the beautiful double pools behind me with an infinity one.

Ofcourse I jumped in the water right away. . only to be cut abruptly by the  return of the rain. I'm okey swimming under the rain but when the water got cold. .brrrrI'm outta here!!!

When the rain ceased again, we spent the rest of the day touring around the resort.

The beach, especially during high tide was definitely not the best feature of the resorts here in Batam, Indonesia. Well, my basis was short listed thu' by only these two resorts. So, Outside Nongsa Point Resort and Turi Beach, I don't know.

But the sea was stunning, the underwater  nature wealth was visibly clear even with naked eye top view. The resort facilities were also awesome.The fusion of modern and traditional room accommodations is interesting.

The Riani Wing (behind me) features  Balinese accommodation with traditional teak and thatched roof. It's cheaper than the other type of accommodation in the resort.

The Tirta Wing offers modern rooms and located just right beside the Emerald pool. This is more expensive and newer than the Riani Wing.

Time to check the jetty we had seen even from a far. It said 220 meter away.

Hmmm, maybe 10 minutes walk?

Halfway there was an island bar.

From this bar you could indulge with this view.

I actually stopped here and didn't pursue getting there at the farthest end. I just let my lens worked from this end.

Lemme end this super photo loaded post here. The rest was nothing but tracing back our way to Nongsa Point Marina & Resort again.

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