Monday, November 21, 2011

Nongsa Point Resort

We arrived at Batam, Indonesia with the rain pouring-in like telling us bluntly : "go back to your origin, it's no beach day today. .stu#id!!". haha.

To which I retorted  : " hey weather, don't you think I don't know how fickle minded you are, especially with your massive changing  moods these past months ?? now you rain, next minute the sun is scorching . we have so much in common, i know you so well".

We were heading to some beach resorts (maybe two resorts?) in Batam and from Nongsapura terminal, we met a resort staff for our land transfer.

We boarded one of the vintage looking service vans with us exclusively as the passengers. With this kind of weather, do you think there would be other crazy people out there who would want to beach around under this crazy weather??? No one else. . but us!!! haha.

We reached Nongsa Point Marina & Resort in a very short while from Nongsapura terminal.

The red and white villas were striking under the dim light sky. Above photo is actually just the facade of the resort facing the sea. I think this is the hotel villas. The cove is quite huge, bearing not only a hotel resort but also a golf course and residential villas mostly owned by wealthy expats. At the latter part of the day, we did visit some expat friends right in their house here. As respect to their privacy, I won't be sharing our photos here. sorry.

Another striking facility is the marina. This is ofcourse first of all a marina  before a resort. The marina is of international calibre. We saw some high profile yachts (owned by high profile personalities in Asia ) resting on the berths of the marina. There was even an out-of-nowhere- galleon. See more of  Nongsa Point Marina  here.

While the rain controlled us to stay indoor for a while, we took our lunch at the hotel's restaurant _ the Selera. Which again, later you could jump to my food blog for the dishes.

After such, it was still raining so we amused ourselves by checking the rest of the hotel.

Commemorative marker of ph.2 expansion of Nongsa Point, attended by the president of the Indonesia.

The white color is evidently consistent all throughout inside the hotel. It's like a white house.

After a while, the rain got tired and stopped pouring.

The beach was neat and span, but nothing stunning. For a cove this huge, I thought it was small or was it because it was high tide. I still thought of our beach coves back home in Ph. are still the best, high tide or low tide_ doesn't matter, they are still stunning.

I love the rocks that sit on the beach thu', I thought they add character to the almost lame beach.

At the pool side. At this point we were already counting on swimming ..

. . but the weather wouldn't let us. For the nth time, the rain poured again like there was no tomorrow. We were actually semi-wet here and pixel-ated by the rain drops.
The weather whispering in triumph : I warned you, haven't I???

We rushed back indoor, waited for the rain to stop and went out again to explore the whole cove when the drops stopped again. The marina was gated and exclusive for the yacht owners but see here, we managed to do a little tour of that too.

Half part of the day, the weather permitted us to expand our beach day. We went to the next door beach resort => The Turi Beach.
Later here. See ya.

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