Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manila Bay Cruise

I availed dinner cruise for my family for P38/pax. You read it right_ thirtyeightcheapopesos!!! ( thousand consumers echoed me, I gather from the store how huge is the number of buyers who availed this promo)

I got the deal from one of the voucher stores massively mushrooming over the net. The deal was actually P188/pax, details included a 1 hour cruise over Manila Bay and a dinner plate. It was 66% off the published rate, you do the math, ok? I got P38/pax cos the store had a joining promo of P150, automatically given upon signing -up. So each of us used each one's P150 gift and only paid the balance - P38 pesos. Why not? You couldn't even buy a decent bottled water for P38 pesos in the mall these days.

No, that's not our boat.

We were on board one of Sun Cruises ferries _ the M/V Spirit. We actually spent some waiting time watching the other boat beside us, consumed by jealousy of its buffet spread, haha.

I had to constantly reminded my family : hello people, 38 pesos, no expectations pleazee!!!!

When the boat started to move, the waiters started to serve the food too. For starter, they served water-clear soup and it tasted as bland as H20 also, haha. The main dish was sooo P188 (see actual image above)_ 1 cup of rice, a piece of fish fillet and a deck of card meat. No expectation!! My girls were whispering: " mom, could we drive thru at McDo after this?", haha.
And oh, you have to buy your drink ofcourse. They were not even serving drinking water. So it was kindah compulsory.

If not only for the MOA lights. .

. . and very few hotels around the bay, the cruise was totally boring. Mostly, it was darkness that enveloped the sea. Added insult to injury was the fact that we availed the cruise right after Manila Bay area was hit so bad by the typhoon Pedring and most establisments here were somehow washed out ( this was 2 months ago).

We took the latest cruise of the night which was 9:15 pm. I guess the best time would be during the sunset which as expected was already fully booked when I did the reservations. As ever, the famous Manila Bay sunset remains to be a sight to behold.
At any rate, with P38, it's just fair to say that we got the best of this deal.

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