Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shangrila, Boracay

I love Boracay. I would never never say no to a Bora trip. No matter how rainy and off season it is to go to a beach. If I had to fly across the eye of a storm just to get there. .why not, haha.

My perplexed husband sent me off to the airport on a rainy almost stormy morning. I assured him it was okey, otherwise the flight should have been cancelled, right?
My balikbayan friend wasn't there yet but arrived just on time before the check-in counter closed. Not so long a while, on board I already grasped a view of the island. The best thing ever, the weather had changed her mood. Definitely to a lot better beach weather.

At this point, I could no longer contained my excitement about our accommodation and have to fast forward >


. . cos we were staying at Shangrila, Boracay. .allright, just for a single day, then the rest of our 3/d trip would be at random hotel in station 2. But just the same, (even a day tour of this establishment would excite me same way), I was so ecstatic !
I was sure I would have my time to experience this luxurious resort in time. But never before I won in the lottery or an inheritance out of nowhere fell on my lap!
Well, luckily a best friend had already made her fortune way ahead of mine ( which is still so blurry,haayz. . ) and was so generous to share some with me. luluv you girlfriend<3

Anyway, on the way here, I was asking where the hell was Shangrila in Boracay? My recent trip before this was last year and I swear I've never seen even the shadow of Shangrila in station 1,2 & 3. Unless it was newly built only the early part of this year?
Wrong. It has been there since 2009 and I had never seen a glance of it cos it is tucked away in a private island in Brgy. Yapak. Not in station 123, haha.
Time was tick-tacking and we got half of the day only to explore the resort.

My friend had asked me to purchase for her (her money ofcourse,hehe) a voucher many months ago and stole almost 40% off the published rate which normally would cost about P17k a night. and up! a whaat??? Yap, that expensive! That's for a hotel room like what we stayed in.

Ask me now how much would a villa cost - around P30k a night!!! I told you, I would never ever afford this resort in Boracay.

Apart from the luxurious facilities of an ocean view room in the hotel. .

. . the best amenity really was the v-i-e-w, simply breathtaking!!!

Like in Shangrila , Mactan (Cebu, ). it also got its private beach. Tucked and away from the crowded station 123 of Boracay white beach.

Ofcourse. I should, would and definitely had to try the water here. I would never know, when will be my next time here, if there would be a next time, haha.
Limelight on me, please!!!! haha!

Then the dusk started to show. Time's up! And I had to go off the beach of the rich and famous, haha.

Wow! The night was young and we spent the rest of it exploring the resort. Dinner was simply divine- will post later at my food blog My 3rd & 7th Sense.

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