Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ukay By Night

It was so nice to find an ukay-ukay tiange (used garments flea market) alfresco in Baguio City. The flea market was set-up at Athletic Bowl in Burham Park. I heard it was a temporary location.

Baguio is so populated with ukay-ukay shops. Madness, I thought the metropolitan was already smelled of old clothes. It's fun to rummage over cheap clothes and score good finds, but the crazy aroma of claustrophobic shops is so sickening, too heavy to handle.

So glad we were_ when we heard of this night market which  nudged us to pure cheap rummage fun. It was
under open sky and no more claustrophobic smell of old clothes.

look how cheap_ a dollar per garment. So apt for a random retail therapy of hormonal imbalanced moms,haha.

2nd hand barbies. I was surprised my daughters ignored them. Are they over them already? Just this recent Christmas the youngest daughter had it yet  in her wish list. Maybe not an ukay-ukay barbie?

In the end I was the one who went home empty of ukay-ukay haul. I was so tired ( I was consumed by the whole day sightseeing tour) to go over rack to rack. I just  joined my husband in the car eating street foods which were all over the park and waited our daughters finished their cheap shopping trip.

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