Thursday, July 21, 2011

What The F???

I thought the following photos are uncanny .
Let me share my candid thoughts on each.
Hey no one is stopping you to formulate your own.
Have fun!

I guess this ATM machine is especially built for NBA players. If you aren't one of those 7ft.++, make sure to bring ladder with you when you make transactions here.

How d'ya think would I get to the next floor?

The train passes by daily, every 7:30 in the morning on the dot. Just make sure you finish catching the morning sun in the terrace by 7:29. .or else you will never see the sun shines again. .ever!

I agree - a lamp/street light post is such an eyesore when it is right in front of your house/building and needed some treatment. Having said that, I never meant this way.

Garage parking in these houses? Oh easy, no challenge!


I get it_ space is a compromise.

Thanks to my friend Joyce for emailing me these photos. I had fun.

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