Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Microtel, MOA

The other night, I attended an event at Sofitel in Roxas Blvd.  I was with 3 girlfriends and 2 of them live far from this area. It was 2am and all of us were too wasted to go home. After thoughtful yes-es (over phone calls) from our husbands we decided to check -in _ to Sofitel? nah!, no way that we could afford this luxurious hotel that night,haha.

We ended up in a standard room of the nearest and most affordable one among the hotels in the Roxas Bldv. area (which are mostly 5 stars ). It was in Microtel, MOA.

Microtel was not new to me. I had experienced some of it in Batangas, Baguio and Boracay. It has always been a safe choice whenever I was caught in "a dilemma of walk-ins". You know, like those unplanned trips without prior hotel bookings and  night outs like this night and time was restricted to acquire options. In such situations, I don't mind the safety of Microtel and its humdrum consistency. .

as long as they are consistent with the following : the beds are comfy, the room is neat and smells fresh with equally clean bathroom. And so far, so good.

I actually  found this particular branch ( Microtel, MOA) the next best ( to Boracay ). Although, I've only been to 3 branches so far, but personally I think _already I got some comparisons in my list. The best thing about this particular Microtel is ofcourse the location. It's in MAll of Asia.period.
The night (almost nearing dawn,haha) when we checked-in  our eyes were all half closed and didn't bother to look around. We all went straight up to the room and hit the bed in less than a minute.
Those photos above I took them when I woke up in the morning and found myself already by myself cos those thoughtful gfs had already eloped back to their homes, haha. Yes I was left alone to check-out. Good grace, the room was fully paid the night we checked-in,haha.
So while waiting for my  husband to fetch me, I made useful of my less than one bar battery until my camera died on me.

We were on the 4rth floor and looking out the windows_ this was the little view I had.

And this_ what's that ferry_ Metrostar?

Then my tummy started to make funny sounds. .which reminded me to take my complimentary buffet breakfast. My friends didn't claim theirs.. they went out too early for bf.

The buffet was serving at Millie's Restaurant, located at the lobby of the hotel. The spread had satisfying variants of bf dishes from breads and  jams, salads, bacon etc,etc, eggs, rice, fruits _ well it was fair enough.

The reception lobby got an interesting set of furniture.
Until husband arrived and I had to pull him up yet to the roof deck cos I want to see the pool before we check-out.

Going up, I noticed the hi-tech elevator, nice!

Up on the 12th floor where the roof deck was. The whole night was rainy which explained why all chairs were not set-up right.
There's a small swimming pool, elevated above this area, up by 7 to 10 steps of stairs, I think.But before I could take a photo of it, the cam died. If the pool was made bigger, it could pass as infinity pool and I think that would be a lot awesome.

And THIS? the only photo I have in the place, a reminiscent of a wasted me of the previous night. Then the cam died, haha.

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