Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shangri-la Beach

The beach of Shangri-la , Mactan  wasn't as huge as the other beaches I've seen around the country. It's like you threw one swept glance and you saw the whole of it. It was a small cove but boy it was one gorgeous beach! Pardon my lack of expertise in photography_ I hardly captured  its real beauty. Adding insult to injury was the gloomy weather which somehow diminished the natural glow of the place. But if you've been there you know what I'm talking.

 I love it that it was small and therefore suggestive of romance and seclusion.

Unlike overly large beaches, this one was calming and not tiring to beach around. When I seek relaxation, I seek privacy. Crowded beach tires me. Must be my age, haha.

 spa casita by the beach

beach bar

awesome beach furniture

Nevertheless, the beach also offered diversity of water fun activities. If you were a checked-in guest, you have the privilege of using complimentary water-fun facilities like kayak and other inflatables . It's a great place to hang around with your peers.

The sand was powdery and Boracay-like. What else can you ask for?

I also love the big rocks that accessorize the beauty of the beach.

I love Shangri-la beach.


  1. Hi, pede po ba malaman how much u'l spend if you stay in this high end hotel? thanks po. I just put your blog on my blogroll. U have great places and pics too! Thanks.

  2. hello Mitch.the hotel room rate here at Shang, Mactan ranges fr around P8.5k to P16k.
    thank u so much for including me in your blogroll.(i don't have time yet to update mine:(
    will definitely visit yours later :D