Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Park

So here's another one in Baguio City. After walking -in 3 hotels ( within the vicinity), all of which were against our budget and needs, we ended- up staying at the 4th hotel_ the  Holiday Park, located at Abanao Extension, which was so minutes away to everywhere in the city and so matching our little pouch budget for accommodation.

The simplicity and neatness of the reception lobby told us all what the hotel was all about _ neat and simple.

The room answered the unsophisticated demand of our trip - freshly scented room, comfortable beds, clean bathroom, and for the girls wi-fied

scent- checked.

clean bt- checked.

comfy beds - checked.

wi-fi - checked.

We originally checked -in for a single night stay but turned out okey and decided to stay in the same hotel for the rest of our 4 days trip.

If under budget and your trip calls for daily activities outside, Holiday Park is recommendable. Neat, service is kind,  accessible and doesn't punch a hole in your wallet. Hence, it's given that you ought not to expect 5 star amenities thu'.

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