Friday, May 1, 2009

Pahiyas : Colorful Houses

In our country the month of May is the month of celebrating town fiestas honoring the patron saint of each town.One varies from another owning a character of its own.One fiesta that really enhanced the colors of my summer trips is the Pahiyas of Lucban Quezon.This is being held every 15th of May and every household of the town participates. Since the patron saint of the town is the farmer San Isidro Labrador, you will be overwhelmed by the organic decorations of the whole town and the native activities that are showing so much heritage and culture of the place.
As a mom I know this is one cultural experience that I want to expose my children to, so it's a must, I bring them there!

The most popular item that is commonly used as ornament of the houses is "kiping", it's a leaf  in different colors and is actually edible cos it's actually made of rice flour. Different leaves are used as molders of this favorite delicacy slash decor. When I was little, I used to think of it as real leaf, a plant, a veggie that could be eaten.

This four storey building is amazingly decorated from first level up to the fourth.

An aquarium mural with a giant fish made of kiping.

Other leaaves that aren't edible, are also favorite material to use in decorating the festival houses.

Aside from kiping leaves, vegetables and fruits are also being used as decorations. Here gingers and bananas pasted on the wall of the house.

As a tribute to one of the heroes of farming, most houses decorated their houses with images of a carabao. It's our local buffalo which is swamp domestic type.

Another carabao in another house.

A horse is another one of farmer's best friends.

Seeds everywhere!

This one so cute with mushrooms made of different locally produced seeds.

While owners of the house allowed guests to have photo taken infront of their decorated houses. we found one that was literally open house. You could enter inside and take photos. nice!

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