Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catanauan Cove

My blog is flooded with Bondoc Peninsula posts these days. You can say it again_ it's the flavor of the season.
Just been there again this week. Just days ago.
This time we visited a not- yet- so- ready- on- the- soft- opening- resort..


I love that there were no crowds yet !! Just us.

I didn't mind driving endless km of rugged, isolated road like this. . .

And be perplexed upon entering the still-undergoing-construction establishment, with a thought - "was it ready yet?" But hey, what's the expectation about? The resort had just soft opened less than a month . .

I was there for the n-a-t-u-r-e . The sea and the sand !

My latest find : Catanauan Cove ! and yes it's in Bondoc Peninsula. Can't help but to fall in love with this place. Accessibility - check. No airfare, 4-5 hours drive from Manila. Clean and green - check. Wclass beach - check. Uncrowded - check. . . _ I could go on endlessly and have them checked all ! Although most facilities were not ready yet, as of my visit, I still had grand beach moments with my family.

Nonetheless, there were already single pretty cottages available . Room cottage like this was located at the beachfront. Wait. . you have to step across a small road then already you can enjoy the beach !

We love ATV! But it was a little costly here. Rental price is x5-8 compare to the ones we had in a Subic resort. Heartbroken, we passed on this fave activity.

Volleyball, football and basketball were ready to play.

There were unfinished yet massage kiosks by the beach.

Beautiful colors were free !

The white sand, blue sea and green air were generously free.

We hit the cradle area while waiting for our food. This was so uberly relaxing . I can't get over it, seeing these photos make me want to be there -right now ! !

Lunch was served. We had all grilled meal with abundance of rice.

All ready to hit the water ! ! !

We love Catanauan Cove ! ! I hope to experience it again soon. It's actually for "members only" type resort. But I won't mind accepting a free visit invitation !! Hello, Catanauan Cove, can you hear meeeeH !!!!!

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