Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grande Island Resort

We drove to Subic from Manila and headed straight to the port of the ferry which would take us to Grande Island Resort.

We actually made previous reservation and all we needed to accomplish was to buy the boat tickets.

Done. We found ways to amuse ourselves while waiting for the ferry. Sights of big ships caught the kids imagination.

Then, a ferry disembarked and unloaded checked out passengers. Emptied and ready for us, the excited incoming guests, the ferry took us all in. It would be around 15-20 minutes boat ride to get to the island.

It was comfy and spacious. After awhile, we followed most of the passengers who started going up to the uppermost deck /view deck.

Sooner than we thought about it, we reached the island. I was not sure if it was because of the size of the resort (quite big), but this early, I felt like the resort was understaffed.There was only one staff who welcomed us and finding our chalet room on our own was an effort. There was no transit vehicle who assisted us, so we had to walk with our heavy luggages up to our room which was quite far.

The room was okey and a little bigger than we expected. We had a beachfront location so it was nice and relaxing.

vintage bathroom

We loved it that the wifi was free and generously available.

I loved the veranda by the beach

Certainly, this resort was not that type where I would sit and lay down by the beach all day, swim and be peaceful. The beach was narrow and the water was rocky with big waves. Suggestive of water activities other than swimming.

I'm not a big fan of sand that 's not white.

So the rest of our stay, we amused ourselves with the water toys available, like banana boat and kayak. We also had fun with the ATV rides around the island.

Although we had a blast with fun activities available, we also had a number of disappointments.

For instance, take a look of this ad poster of the resort. This one surely hyped up our expectation of the place.

Now, look at this. These two pics were supposedly one and the same feature of the resort. How disappointing, don't you think so? Another negative number in this resort was the food, especially the complimentary buffet breakfast ! Oh no, don't make me elaborate. It was just a total disappointment . . . period.

Yet inspite of those few nega numbers, we actually had fun and enjoyed our stay at Grande Island Resort.

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