Friday, April 9, 2010

What Was that ???

Last 3/ 27/2010, on our way to Subic, I was trigger happy taking photos of the roads (SCTex). From a close , dusty window of a moving vehicle

Not an everyday sight to me, (being from the south), I still got amazed by the reminiscent ashes of Mt. Pinatubo's biggest explosion decade ago.

Not far from this, some smokey thing happening caught my attention.

I was not sure what that was, I just kept on popping my cam while we were moving fast toward and away from the whirlwind thingy.

By this time, everyone was now all attention to this baby tornado ??? It was all our first time to see natural wind current like that. Kids and adults alike.

As fast as we passed by it, the wind collapsed down and gone. Like nothing happened. This, we witnessed thru our back window. We didn't stop, it was on a highway.

Then I went back popping my cam towards nicer view. Yet, couldn't get over it . . .What do you think it was???

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